our house rules

The staying in a hostel takes place under specific conditions and requires a high degree of civility and respect to everyone.

1. Smoking and fiddling with open fires is strictly forbidden.

2. Due to safety and hygiene reasons, the preparation of hot meals and drinks in the bedrooms is           NOT allowed.

3. Considering sleeping time (10 pm - 6 am) avoid the use of showers. Please avoid any noise and      respect a good night´s sleep to every house inhabitant. In case of infringement we will take      measures against the initiator up to and including dismissal.

4. Sliding on the banister, sitting on window sills and exterior banister is strictly forbidden.

5. It is essential to note the rules of fireprevention (see the guides in the corridors), the usage of     the fire extinguisher and the escape routes.

    In case of damage or disorder inform immediately the reception!

6. Entering the escape ladder is only allowed in emergency and event of fire. Infringement will result     dismissal.

7. The accomodation or partly housing of persons is categorical prohibited.

8. You have to take care for your property at your own for the complete duration of the stay.

9. The holding and bringing of animals in our hostel is not allowed.

10. Any kind of weapons is strictly forbidden in the hostel.

11. Any own economic activities are not allowed. 12. to pursue commercial purposes in our house is       forbidden.

13. The Hostel management exerts the householder´s rights. In case of urgency the hostel      management take the liberty to enter the room within the householder´s right for measurements      required.

     In case of disturbing the house-peace or in casesof violation against the house rules, the      management is entitled to take measures in order to regain the house-peace. In case of repeated      non compliance the management reserves the right to pronounce house ban.

14. Who causes fire alert negligent by cigarette smoke or any dealing with fire and heat (smoke      detector on the ceiling) or misuse the manual call point must pay the complete follow-up costs of      the automatically fire-department-assignment.

15. The operation of radio, loudspeakers, CD-Player or other stereo equipment is not desired and      the management reserve the right to confiscate it preventatively until departure.

16. For security reasons the central areas and the hostel corridores are under video surveillance.

The Penny Pincher Inn

Cologne Hostel

Tempelstr. 26

50679 Köln